Facility Overview Located in eastern Williams County Ohio, the Northwest Ohio Juvenile Detention, Training & Rehabilitation Center completed construction and became operational in February of 2000 as a regional detention facility to provide secure detention to juveniles within the jurisdictions of Defiance, Henry, Fulton and Williams counties. The facility is located on 28.6 acres of land on CR 24.25 just 5 miles south of Archbold, 10 miles north of Defiance, and 10 miles east of Bryan.

With approximately 17,000 square feet, the facility has thirty-two (32) individual detention cells, a control room, multi-purpose room, two (2) classrooms, intake area, nurse clinic, gymnasium, library and administrative offices. A secured outdoor recreation area with approximately 6,900 square feet is also available. The facility is governed by a seventeen (17) member Board of Trustees. Each member, except the Judges, has a vote towards any legislation passed The Board of Trustees consists of: 1. One (1) commissioner from each of the four counties. 2. One (1) juvenile/probate judge from each of the four counties. 3. Two (2) members from the general public of each of the four counties. 4. One (1) at-large member from the county with the greatest population (currently Fulton County).