The Northwest Ohio Juvenile Detention Center provides both pre-trial and short term commitments for incarceration. Care must be provided in a non-judgmental manner equal to all, regardless of Court status (i.e. accused, adjudicated, misdemeanor, or felony). It is our belief that structure and expectations are not viewed in a punitive nature, provided that structure and expectations are made clear and precise and are enforced in a manner that is both fair but firm and equal to all. Due to the short terms of confinement, and the necessary emphasis on safety and security, we recognize our limitations and inability to provide long term affects on those juveniles we detain. We further recognize that the solutions to many of the problems faced by our residents will be best addressed by the child care professionals within the many support services available to the court (i.e. Probation, Drug/Alcohol Abuse Counselors, Children’s Services, etc.). We therefore, view our role as: (1) a time delay, so that the Court might address the allegations against the child and identify the youth’s individualized needs; and (2) as a motivational tool for those who will attempt to address the variables responsible for creating conflict in the youth’s life. Mission The Northwest Ohio Juvenile Detention Center provides safe and secure placement for delinquint youth who are being detained in accordance to a court order or pursuant to the laws of arrest. It is our hope that strict discipline and fair treatment of each youth who enters our facility will help them to understand the consequences of poor choices and that the programs inspire them to become positive and productive members of society. Goals A. To ensure the safety, security, health, and welfare of residents, staff, and the general public. B. To represent authority in a manner worthy of respect and emulation. The Northwest Ohio Juvenile Detention Center will hold an annual meeting with the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, and selected staff to enhance communication, establish policy, and explore problems. Programs will be analyzed and evaluated in terms of their objectives, cost and relation to the facility’s mission, philosophy, and goals.